Thank You for Our Beautiful Poinsettias! 

We wish to thank our parishioners for contributions toward poinsettias in memory of their deceased family members. Donations were made in memory of:

Domski, Sterk and Endle Families
Driscoll, Cervino and Walter Families
Joseph and Angela Amato
Rosemary Tizekker
Joseph and Michael Read
Raymond and Catherine Diedrich
James M. Lavelle
Klodor and Zak Families
John and Margaret Matlak
Edmund and Dorothea Gessner
Maureen Kiely
John Maniscalco
Theodore Tate
Martha Rini
Geraldine Vogel
John and Theresa Cherry
Ginny Marion
Srs. Joseph John and Irene, SSJ
Helen Orlosky
David Bonnot
Irene Rarick
Timothy Rarick
Virginia Bergen
Jeffrey Pederson
Esther and James Cusick
Philomena and Dominic Ciolli
Farrar and Clinton Families
Don Junglas
John Power