Pastoral Care

Bereavement Support Group

Volunteers offer two six-week evening group sessions a year – one in the autumn and one in the spring – for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Email Corrie Taylor at for more information.

Evening of Remembrance

This group plans the Mass of Remembrance and meal program for parishioners who have been bereaved in the past year. Email Ashley Markiewicz at for more information.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors take Communion to homebound parishioners or those temporarily recovering from illness or surgery. Volunteers also bring Communion weekly to Catholics at McGregor, Montefiore and Menorah Park. Some training is required. Email Ashley Markiewicz at for more information.

Gonzaga Drivers

Volunteers help senior and handicapped parishioners by providing rides to church, doctors’ appointments and simple errands. Email Kevin Brodar at for more information.

Ministry for Those with Special Needs

The Ministry for Those with Special Needs reaches out to those parishioners of all ages with special needs and their family members. We aim to create a more welcoming environment for God’s special children in His house. We offer support and encouragement for families with special needs members. This support can include, but is not limited to, PSR and Sacramental assistance, prayers and meals, youth and young adult involvement, and special programming. Email Angela Young at for more information.

Pink Posse/Healing Rosary

Pink Posse is a support group for women in our parish who are going through a breast cancer journey. We host a monthly Gesu Healing Rosary for all members of our parish who are in need of healing in mind, body, or soul. All are welcome. We gather socially on a semiregular basis in support of women who want to discuss shared experiences in terms of treatment and moving forward. We also prepare meals for women/families who are going through surgery and treatment, as needed. Email Deb Straniero at for more information.