Please join in our parish celebrations of First Communion at the following liturgies:

– Saturdays at 4:30 pm: April 29May 6 & May 13
 – Sundays at 9:00 am10:30 am, and 12:00 pm: April 30 & May 7

Eucharist is one of the three sacraments of initiation into the Roman Catholic Church. As with Baptism, the preferred way of celebrating First Communion is in the context of regular church liturgies. Sacraments benefit the entire parish community. The celebration of the Eucharist in this manner allows our children to witness to the rest of us how wonderful this gift of Eucharist really is.

Our parish celebrations also demonstrate the importance of the family. Here at Gesu, the children sit with their families, and at communion time, they receive the body and blood of Jesus alongside of their parents. This reminds us of the importance of family as the primary place for teaching children in the ways of our faith.

We hope you are able to join us for these very special celebrations. Our parish community will be richer with your participation, and our children will be touched by your presence!