What does your committee do and why?
Our committee meets monthly and oversees the condition of the buildings and grounds and does long term planning for maintenance and improvements. Consideration is given to the priority of needs, safety, capital improvement plans and progress.

What makes your committee unique?
As a committee we make decisions for the good of the parish, but how they are funded is not our role. We are very aware that funding is essential and we keep in mind the finances of the parish, but the financial decisions are made by the Finance and Endowment Committees.

What special events or programs would your committee like to highlight?
We hope that parishioners see the progress in updating the Church, School, and the Parish Offices to enable Gesu Parish to live the mission of being a Catholic Community, in the Jesuit tradition, committed to Eucharist living, livelong learning, generous serving, “all for the glory of God”.

What are you doing that the general parishioners might not know about but should?
We do long term planning for care of the buildings and have a rolling five year plan. We want future generations to have buildings that are safe, well maintained and able to meet the needs of the time.

How can the parishioners support this organization, do you need volunteers?
If someone has expertise in the area of plumbing, electrical work, systems, roofing, landscaping, etc. we would appreciate their participation. If interested please email  Bill Fehrenbach.

How does your committee spread the “joy of the Gospel” to our parish and beyond?
We strive to provide a welcoming space where all can center their lives in Christ and in the celebration of the Eucharist. We strive to have a pastoral center, school and church where we can use our gifts to serve the needs of our parishioners and programs where Gesu uses our gifts to serve others.