To the Parish Community of Gesu,

I write to update you on the status of our search for a pastor to succeed Fr. Snow and Fr. Von Tobel. After much deliberation and consultation, I am able to report that Fr. Karl Kiser will be made available to Bishop Lennon with a recommendation that Fr. Kiser serve as the next pastor of Gesu. I have communicated this good news to Bishop Lennon who holds the responsibility of appointing pastors in the Diocese of Cleveland.

There are a few steps yet to take before I make my final recommendation to Bishop Lennon. Fr. Kiser will complete his mission of 16 years at University of Detroit Jesuit High School in Detroit, MI. During the spring, Fr. Kiser, who was ordained at Gesu in June 1997, will visit the parish. The purpose is to learn about the parish, identify areas of parish life that can build on mutual strengths and common interests, and recognize areas of possible growth which could help him and the parish prepare for this new mission. After he visits, I will formally make Fr. Kiser available to Bishop Lennon, proposing an appointment to coincide with the completion of a well-deserved sabbatical in late fall 2016.

Know you have my deep gratitude for your generosity in supporting one another through this transitional year. Although the appointment of a new pastor has extended beyond our initial expectations, I appreciate your commitment and patience with the process. Your collective care for this parish has enabled me to respond to needs across our Midwest Jesuit family of ministries.

May God continue to bless you and keep you in the coming months,

V. Rev. Brian G. Paulson, S.J.