The 2017 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal begins in each parish this weekend! This year’s appeal theme is You Did it for Me. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus states, “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for the least among us, you did it for me.” With your help, we are able to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, and welcome the stranger, just as Jesus has asked us to do. How will we respond as a community of faith?

As in the past, an in-pew commitment process will take place next weekend, February 11-12. All who have not received the mailing from Bishop Thomas, or have not had a chance to respond to it, will be asked to consider making a generous pledge to support the ministries and services provided by Catholic Charities. If you have received the mailing, please respond to it. There is a box on the in-pew envelope to indicate that you have responded by mail.

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