We have been pleased to have had the experience of our first year of Gesu Together! Many of you participated in the One Book/One Parish project of Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle SJ. Still more attended our Sunday morning education offerings on immigration, annulments, atheism, the Mass etc. And the Robert Barron series on Catholicism was well received and enjoyed by many. In addition, some of our prayer and service offerings were under this same Gesu Together umbrella.

We plan to continue these programs and activities in the coming year. Based on our first attempt at this, we have already considered adjusting the days and time to make them more available to more people.
With all that in mind, we are looking for some parishioners who might help us dream, design and hopefully implement the programming of Gesu Together. It would involve a planning meeting, assistance at some of the actual programs themselves (facilitating, leading discussions etc.), all at your available times.
For more information, please contact Sister Kathleen at the Pastoral Center or by e-mail at kflannery@churchofthegesu.org.