We are pleased to announce that a new initiative is in its beginning stages at this time! “Connections” is designed to especially offer parents and families with younger children a way to connect the worship life of the Church to the everyday life of the home.   It is not meant to add more to parents’ already very busy lives, but hopefully a way to incorporate our Faith into how we talk with children, pray with them at meals and bedtimes, and have simple conversations sprinkled throughout the day.

A committee of people very “wise” in the matters of family life has been meeting to consider some of these things, and we are most grateful for their insights and suggestions!

So, occasionally, you will see in the bulletin and other media something called “Connections” that just might be the perfect thing for your family!

Our first suggestion is that you might want to consider a booklet entitled Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2017-2018. It is a simple, simple way to begin a conversation with your family before coming to Mass on Sunday (even in the car on the way there!), and a follow-up thought or question to talk about on the way home. You can even keep the booklet in the car (or stroller!), or perhaps having one of the children be in charge of the question for that weekend.

Copies of the booklet are available for a reduced cost of $2 and are located in the book rack outside of the Marian Chapel, where you will also find some other resources that are very children/family appropriate.

If you have any other suggestions or concerns, please let us know! For now, please call Sister Kathleen or email her at kflannery@churchofthegesu.org.